Tuesday, May 24, 2016


This isn't sponsored, it's just something I'm trying out.

I found a site called Dietbet.com a few weeks ago that I have been loving so far.  There are a bunch of games to join and thousands of players all trying to lose weight!

What I did was join a "game" which goes from May 09 - Jun 05.  I bet $30 that I could lose 4% of my body weight during this time.  A bunch of other people make the same wager and the bets are collected in a "pot."  Last time I checked, the pot of the game I'm playing was close to $300,000!

At the beginning of the game, I took a picture of myself on a scale and submitted it to Dietbet.  After it was verified, I had an official starting weight.  Now all I have to do is weigh in June 5th and be down 4%!!  I love a good challenge so this site is right up my alley.  Along the way, you encourage others to reach their goal to lose 4% too.  In the end, those who are able to hit their target weight will split the pot!  So you can actually make money by losing weight!
(Dress: Express; Shoes: Tory Burch; Scarf: Daily Look)

I now have about 2 weeks left before the final weigh in!  I'm already down about 3 lbs despite my diet (pizza at work, happy hour food and drinks, team lunch at Red Robin... burger, fries, & oreo milkshake!).  Imagine where I could be if I were eating healthy!

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