Monday, May 30, 2016

June Food Challenge

Katie from Runs for Cookies posted this great idea for a June Food Challenge.  Check out her post here.  She decided to focus on cleaning out her pantry by not grocery shopping for a whole month!  There are a few exceptions of course such as: milk, eggs, and fresh produce.  

My husband and I thought we could try this too!  We have a TON of food to get through especially since we are remodeling our kitchen and reducing the storage space we have.  We'll probably go on one last food run to stock up on some protein, but after that no more cookies, crackers, chips, pasta, bread, cereal, etc etc etc!

Thank goodness there are so many seasonal fruits and veggies that we can use to substitute!

($5 bag of cherries from Whole Foods)

What's your favorite Summer fruit or vegetable?

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