Thursday, June 16, 2016

Weekly Weigh In - Week #4

Today is a travel day for me!  

It's always a little tougher for me to eat healthy meals on these days, but at least I managed to go a whole week without eating Doritos chips!  (hooray for small victories!)

Diet & Food:

My cheats went down dramatically this week!
  • 1 Butter Croissant at Phillz Coffee
  • 1 Madeline
  • Mini Snickers Bars
  • 1/2 Breakfast Burrito

Groupon was promoting a deal for the San Jose Rock and Roll Race in October, so I decided to sign up for the 10k!  My current times are miserable, but I'm hoping to improve in time for the race!

Here's a look at my Fitbit steps for the week. I was bad and missed my goal a couple times.  Today isn't over yet, so I can still get in a few more steps :) 

I started using the app MapMyWalk to track my distance and times.  My goal next week is to complete at least two 3 mile runs.

Starting Weight: 20 lbs from goal weight
Wk #1: Down 3 lbs
Wk #2: Down 4.5 lbs
Wk #3: Down 4.5 lbs 
Wk #4: Down 5 lbs

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